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Sifu Colin Ward Wing Chun
Is Wing Chun Good For Meditation?

Yes. Our bodies are always trying to maintain internal health and well being but face constant daily resistance through stress, strain, nerves and tension; but during the slow peaceful moves of the first of our hand forms, ‘Siu Lim Tau’ (meaning Little Idea), we train ourselves to focus on just one thing – developing elbow energy. By focussing on just one thing, we take our minds off of the problems of the day and allow the bodies blood cells to do what they do best, rushing around the body helping to kill off disease and to help promote the internal health we desire. Somebody once asked Sifu, Ip Chun, “Is Siu Lim Tau like Buddhist meditation?” “It’s exactly the same,” he said, “But we also have the benefit of movement”.

What Age Should I Start Training?

Wing Chun can be studied by both young and old – Grandmaster Ip Chun himself did start training properly until he was 37, and continues to practise to this day, in his late 90s! However, due to the nature of the techniques and their effectiveness we do not recommend that training should be undertaken by the very young, therefore our terms and conditions state that all our members should be 16 years or older (and those under 18 should be supervised by a parent or guardian).

How Long Does Wing Chun Take To Learn?

Wing Chun is designed to work in harmony with your natural body reactions and mechanics, and therefore you can become quite proficient in just a few months, or maybe faster depending on the individual. With a team of instructors & decades of experience behind the scenes, all waiting to support you, there is no limit to your development. The only person holding you back would be you.

Is There An Age Limit To Learning Wing Chun?

No not really. A great benefit of Wing Chun is that we do not use muscle strength or kick above the knee, therefore you do not need to be strong or supple, for these reasons alone it becomes available to a great range of ages. Your reason for learning Wing Chun should not be only to defend yourself, especially when there are so many other bonuses to the art, such as meditation, relaxation and the building of internal energy and therefore, internal health. The simple answer would be, if you want to do it, and ‘can’ do it, then ‘do it’! However! It is ALWAYS advisable to check with your doctor should you have ANY questions or doubts.

Do I Need To Be Fit To Train Wing Chun? – Will Wing Chun Get Me Fit?

No, you do not need to be fit to start your training. The principles of Wing Chun are minimum movement & conservation of energy Leg strength however is one area of development you will approach through your training, and by doing Wing Chun you will develop strong legs. Personal fitness is not an issue, as in Wing Chun we do not often kick above knee height and we do not rely on muscle strength, however, if you have any doubts regarding your fitness and your physical ability to practice, you must seek medical advice before training. What you will get however is help in building confidence, character and internal health, not only when training but in your everyday life. Of course there will be changes as you work muscles you may not be too familiar with, gain stronger legs, faster reactions and learn to use your body as a whole in the pursuit of self-defense.

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