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Wing Chun Kung Fu System

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The Basics of the system are - In Very Simple Terms:

  • Working on short range attacks (explosive energy).
  • Straight line punches (this being the shortest route between you and your opponent).

  • Relaxation (enabling you to react faster with out the muscle mass which can slow you down).

  • Complete use of both arms equally, adopting a square on stance (this is so you do not have a bad side during a fight).

  • Kicking – kicks are mainly to the knee area or at a maximum of waist height in some cases, such as a stopping kick. This is because head height kicks can often be telegraphed and why take your lowest weapon to be used against your heighest target? In reverse, using this mentality would be like trying to punch toward the ankles.

  • Conservation ofenergy (not dancing on the spot while you wait to see what happens, only use power when it is needed).

  • Minimum movement (deflection rather than total evasion).